Terms and Conditions

Sanitized Environments is a distributor for Dew Products sanitiser disinfectant.

We supply trade users with product in 20 litre containers delivered directly to their premises across the UK mainland within 10 days of ordering.

Orders can only be placed and paid for on this website, and such orders may only be deemed as ‘live’ to be delivered within the aforementioned 10 day period once those orders with payment have been received by ourselves at Sanitized Environments.

We as the direct distributor of the product will endeavour to liaise with customers should deliveries be delayed for reasons outwith our control.

We will also only deliver product that is of a satisfactory outward condition, and we accept no responsibility for the status of the liquid product contained within the containers, this responsibility lies entirely with the product manufacturer Dew Products.

We at Sanitized Environments accept no responsibility should the product be misused, please see the OUR PRODUCT and FAQs pages on this website, furthermore we also accept no responsibility should a person or people succumb to the effects of a contagious virus or infectious disease, in spite of the product having been used as a preventative measure.

Cancellation of an order placed and ‘live’ for delivery will only be accepted in the event that we at Sanitized Environments are unable to deliver such an order due to circumstances beyond our control, such as a statewide or regional travel restriction, in such a circumstance, and only in such a circumstance, a customer will receive a refund in full of monies already paid, along with a written explanation.

On concluding an order a customer is deemed as having accepted all of the Terms & conditions on this page.