Dew Disinfect 20L


The electrolysed water sanitiser disinfectant solution that we supply is manufactured by Scotland based company Dew Products.

It’s made by electrolysing a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride) that is passing an electric current through the solution. The result is a product that has two active components, the most effective being Hypochlorous Acid, which is what the human body produces naturally to fight off infection, the other active component being a tiny electrical charge (millivolts mV) that as a result of the process of electrolysis is placed on every molecule in the solution.

We recommend


Storage – the product is best stored in a cool dark place, and in it’s original 20 litre container.

Product NOT for internal consumption, for external use ONLY.

Keep out of the reach of children and all vulnerable persons.

Free direct delivery across the UK mainland.

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