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Disinfectant Fogging Solution

As many businesses contemplate reopening after the Covid-19 lockdown, to emerge carefully into a new reality it will be necessary to make public spaces as biosecure as possible, in order to persuade staff and customers that the working environment will be as safe as possible going forward.

At Sanitized Environments we are ready to help you with this.

Disinfectant fogging or misting is an ultra quick efficient and effective method of sanitising public spaces such as airport terminals, aircraft, railway stations, trains, bus and coach stations, buses and coaches, concert and conference halls, cinemas, offices, business units, shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, gyms, etc.

Ordinarily an individual or organisation requiring the fogging or misting of a space or environment would employ the services of a contractor specialising in providing such a service at significant cost that would likely include a call out charge.

In addition the liquid product generally used for such sanitation operations would be a chemical based solution that would require the individual dispensing it to wear full PPE for obvious reasons.

Alternatively we at Sanitized Environments offer you a much more manageable and more cost effective approach to this task…

We will supply your business with an alternative liquid solution… Electrolysed Water, it’s a highly effective sanitising disinfectant, and as it’s a natural product containing no harmful chemicals, it’s application doesn’t require the services of a specialised contractor dressed in full PPE, instead an individual or organisation requiring service is able to keep it all ‘in house’.

You will need to purchase a disinfectant fogging or misting machine, they vary in price dependent on the size and type of machine required, we can advise you on this.

Any member of your own team can easily be familiarised with the task of fogging or misting a given space quite safely, although it is suggested that no PPE is required to be worn while dispensing the product, we advise the wearing of a face mask whilst performing the task.