About Us

At Sanitized Environments we are a distributor for Dew Products disinfectant sanitiser solution.

We specialise in delivering the product directly to trade users in packs of 4 x 5 litre containers, or 20 litre containers.  In addition once an order for a 5 litre refill pack, or a 20 litre refill container has been placed in their shopping basket a customer may continue shopping for individual consumer items to add to their order.

In positioning ourselves as a trade supplier we endeavour to hold considerable stock in reserve, ready to deliver throughout the UK mainland within 10 days from the date of ordering.

Whereas the product can be ordered directly from Dew Products, due to issues with weight of product and shipping, a customer may receive the product in a concentrated form, requiring water to be added to make up the purchased 20 litres, and if only hard water is available, it must be filtered.

Dew Products have this position in place because they send individual orders out with couriers and other carriers, in which case individual 20 litre containers may be delivered in a compromised condition.

Alternatively as we at Sanitized Environments deliver directly to customers using our own vehicle, 20 litre containers of product are delivered ready for use.

We are also very competitive on price with the product manufacturer when multiple unit orders are placed.